Photo taken by our amazing farmer Jess Sandoval

Farm events and activities are coming to the EcoVillage.

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Photo taken by the amazing Jess Sandoval


They say it takes a village.   I have not experienced that anywhere as much as I have living in Floyd.  Here neighbors stop to help each other every day and this event is no different.  We are blessed to be surrounded by fresh air, clean water, and some of the best produce you will ever eat.   

Please take a moment to check out the amazing farms that make this community so great.

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Floyd EcoVillage Farm

This is a small farm located at the Floyd EcoVillage specializing in organic produce.

Gracious Day Grains

A field to oven grain endeavor focusing on Heritage and Landrace varieties, and artisan milling.

Whitegate Farms

A small farm in Southwest Virginia specializing in natural meat and produce.


Big Indian Farm Inc.

The Big Indian Farm is located in the Indian Valley region of Floyd County, Virginia. Founded 4 years ago by Adrienne Davis and Earl White, their mission is to promote affordable, nutritious, high quality vegetables and meats, educational opportunities, and preserving old time music and Appalachian culture in the area. "Health is Wealth" is our motto and we are dedicated to providing a quality food access point for the community. Coming in early May: Artisan Bakery and On-Farm Store.

Patchwork Farm

Patchwork Farm grows a diverse, four-season market garden that offers Certified Naturally Grown produce to Floyd county and Roanoke.

Villa Appalachia Winery

 Villa Appalachia Winery is a taste of Tuscany in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Located off the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway between milepost #170 & #171, it is one of the more unique wineries in the state of Virginia. Villa Appalachia is a Virginia farm winery, producing wine in a local vineyard established in 1989. The Italian villa that is home to the winery is straight out of a postcard from Tuscany.

Buffalo Mountain Brewery

The idea for Buffalo Mountain Brewing Company (BMBC) was conceived in 2012. Retiring in 2014 and moved back to Floyd, the journey started to open this brewery, which eventually became a reality on 12 April 2018.

BMBC brews small batch beers on premise in a 2BBL brewhouse. Each brew day is a double batch, so 4BBL’s (approximately 1000 pints) of beer goes into each fermentation tank. BMBC will brew many different styles of beer as time progresses. Some will be limited releases others will remain on tap or return periodically.

Red Rooster Coffee

We source all of our coffee transparently, meaning we use Organic and Fair Trade coffees for all of our blends and many of our single origins. When our coffees are not Organic or Fair Trade, they are of premium quality and sourced directly from producers.



Check back for Additional Farm information that will be added.


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